My Story

Three things people know me for are my passion for cooking, my insatiable sweet tooth and being a health enthusiast!

Although I am not a trained chef, I love expressing myself through my creations in the kitchen and sharing them with others. Nothing brings me more joy than bringing others together in the pleasure of good food.

My Philosophy

I don't believe in diets that restrict you from your favorite foods. It is often assumed that to be healthy, you have to sacrifice your favorite desserts. However, my dream with Artisan Bites was to prove that you can still enjoy all the sweet, tasty flavors you know and love while achieving your health and fitness goals!

Artisan Bites brings you your favorite desserts made with the most fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients available.

My Mission

With Artisan Bites, my goal is to promote happy and healthy eating; eat what you love and feel good about it. Your mind, soul and body will thank you for eating Artisan Bites desserts! Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen - a happily-ever-after dinner.